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Extension Project

Since 19, the directors of PIRSAC have been working on developing the shed beside the View into an extension facility to both enhance and extend The View and provide additional facilities for both tourists and local's alike. Below, as we go along, we will update information as we have it.


24 APRIL 2024

Welcome to the Extension Project Page. Here we will keep everyone updated on our progress through the myriad of hurdles between now and completion. 

We may ask for your help here - we might make a funding appeal.

So keep calling back to see how we are getting on.

As it stands today we have already got initial planning permission. You will see the drawing below. 

As far as funding is concerned however we are still in the process of securing it. Currently an application to the Communities Ownership Fund (COF)is being prepared as is an approach to the South of Scotland Enterprise. (SoSE).  COF will only fund 80% and SoSE have been asked for the other 20%. In addition until we have all the consultancies undertaken and a final costing and budget we can't apply to COF. We are therefore asking SoSE to fund initially the £130,000 for the consultancies then later the balance of the 20%. As it stands, the architect predicts the total cost in the region of £1.3M to complete the project. 

The inordinate delay since we first broached this project in about 2019, was primarily caused by COVID. Every funder in the country redirected all their charitable funds to pandemic projects. That continued until about early to mid 2023. Add to that the planning department of the council was closed down, and planning personnel worked form home, there was delays there in achieving planning permission.

Watch this space for more updates as they happen. 


Kenny Barr , Chairman

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